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Storage and Handling

With dedicated systems throughout, and while leveraging appropriate, cost-effective technology whenever possible, Benchmark ensures the integrity of the product is maintained during receiving, storage, and eventual shipping of customers’ products.


We pride ourselves on optimizing the driver-experience at Benchmark, meaning we get the truck loaded safely and efficiently, with the right product, and the proper paperwork – on time, every time.

Customized Heating Solutions

Benchmark works closely with its customers to design innovative and practical solutions to manage and maintain products at their optimal temperatures.  We utilize either steam or electrical systems, or combinations of both, to deliver the appropriate BTUs to the product to the customers’ specifications.

Nitrogen Blanketing

Benchmark maintains a 9,000-gallon liquid nitrogen tank and multiple evaporators to deliver a steady and reliable supply of nitrogen gas for those products that are sensitive to oxidation, microbial growth, moisture, or other such contamination risks.  The nitrogen is used to evacuate oxygen from the critical open air space of storage tanks, railcars, tanker trailers, or ISO containers, and is used in the transloading processes.

Reliability and Redundancy

Redundancy is key to reliability.  Benchmark proudly has at its disposal a 200kWh diesel-fired, backup electric generator that will maintain operations through unforeseen power outages.  We operate two steam generators to ensure steam is always available when needed.  We maintain two Trackmobile railcar movers.  And we have multiple air compressors to supply adequate, clean and dry compressed air whenever and wherever needed.

Quality Control Processes

Benchmark employs the use of a quality control system focused on standards, procedures, processes, and checklists.  Our goal is to meet or exceed the rigors of the food, pharma, water, and kosher industries while also meeting or exceed regulatory requirements.

A plaque that shows back to back safety awards presented to Benchmark River and Rail from ILTA for excellence in river terminal safety.
An award that shows back to back safety awards presented to Benchmark River and Rail from ILTA for excellence in river terminal safety.
A plaque that shows back to back safety awards presented to Benchmark River and Rail from ILTA for excellence in river terminal safety. It represents 5 years of providing safe terminal storage solutions for customers.
A big yellow piece of machinery used to haul liquid tanks after they are filled at the Ohio RIver Rail Terminal in CIncinnati.
trucks park at benchmark terminals in order to be loaded up
A drone photo taken from high above Benchmark River and Rail shows its new railyard tracks that were installed in Spring 2021.
A happy Benchmark employee safely loads a truck with liquid from a storage tank at their Ohio River Terminal facility.

Why Choose Benchmark? 


Benchmark sits on 65 acres of land with 20+ storage tanks, a modern barge dock, and nearly 100 railcar spots.


Situated at about mile 479 of the Ohio River, Benchmark is a “stone’s throw” from Kentucky and Indiana.  We are approximately 7 miles west of downtown Cincinnati and the convergence of I-71 and I-75, and about 15 miles west of I-275 connecting to I-74 in Indiana.


With capacity for nearly 100 railcars, Benchmark is serviced 5 times per week – at night - by CSXT Railroad on an “open-gate” basis.  Nightly service ensures no disruption during the precious daytime truck loading hours.  “Open-gate” means that the railroad can simply “drop and hook” the nightly car placements and pulls.  Benchmark performs all car placements within the railyard.


As we strive to be the benchmark, we are committed to utilizing advanced technology to maintain product integrity, and drive efficiency into all aspects of daily operations.






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